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 Shalom Brothers & Sisters In Yeshua

Please submit your prayer request; and If you do not wish your email address to be displayed with the request, please let us know.

Prayers will be offered at every service.

When your prayers have been answered (praise Yahweh), send us a follow-up note, with a praise report.


Romans 1:9

For God is my witness, Whom I serve with my [whole] spirit [rendering priestly and spiritual service] in [preaching] the Gospel and [telling] the good news of His Son, how incessantly I always mention you when at my prayers.

Member's Mother passed away.

over a year ago by Lonny Pray for me
Please pray for one of our members, whose Mother just passed away January 2016.

prayer request

over a year ago by pastor Thieringo Pray for me
Prayer Request : persecution demonic satanic and dark things done againts pastor Thieringo must stop and mustn't have effect on him and must return againts those who do that . Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him. May Holly Spirit Jesus and God do justice to him .Protection , healing, wisdom, freedom, prosperity, miracles in finances, success and miracles in business, success and miracles in his life in Jesus Name . God bless You.


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Denise - Spiritual Issues / Needs Deliverance.

Pray for the Gospel Work in India

over a year ago by Penumaka Prabhakar Pray for me
Shalom brothers and Sisters I am Pastor Prabhakar from India I Keep the 7th Day of the Week as the Sabbath and Observe the Feasts Please Pray for the Gospel Work i do in India If you like to Spread the Gospel in India please come and DO With Love and Waiting for your reply Pastor Prabhakar Sabbath Sentinels God Church India - 534329